An Architecture for the Self-management of Lambda-Connections in Hybrid Networks


Fioreze, Tiago and Meent, Remco van de and Pras, Aiko (2007) An Architecture for the Self-management of Lambda-Connections in Hybrid Networks. In: 13th EUNICE Open European Summer School and IFIP TC6.6 Workshop on Dependable and Adaptable Networks and Services, 18-20 July 2007, Enschede, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 141-148).

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Abstract:Hybrid networks are networks capable of switching data at multiple levels (optical and IP packet level) by means of multi-service optical switches. As a result of that, huge flows at the IP-level may be moved to the optical-level, which is faster than the packet-level. Such move could be beneficial since congested IP networks could be off-loaded, leaving more resources for other IP flows. At the same time, the flows switched at the optical-level would get better Quality of Service (QoS). In order to achieve this beneficial move, huge IP flows have to be properly detected at the packet-level and lambda-connections are to be established for them at the optical-level. Two approaches are currently used for that purpose: the first is based on conventional management techniques and the second is based on GMPLS signaling. Both approaches mostly depend on human intervention, which can be error prone and slow. The idea proposed in this paper to overcome this problem consists of adding self-management capabilities to the multi-service optical switches. The optical switches would then be responsible for automatically identifying IP flows, and establishing and releasing lambda-connections for such flows. The main goal of this paper is therefore to propose an architecture for the self-management of lambda-connections in hybrid networks.
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