Efficient Inter-Task Communication for Nested Loop Programs on a Multiprocessor System


Bijlsma, Tjerk and Bekooij, Marco and Smit, Gerard and Jansen, Pierre (2007) Efficient Inter-Task Communication for Nested Loop Programs on a Multiprocessor System. In: ProRISC 2007, 18th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 29-20 Nov 2007, Veldhoven, the Netherlands (pp. pp. 122-127).

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Abstract:In modern multiprocessor systems, processors can be stalled by inter-task communication when reading from a remote buffer. This paper presents a solution for the inter-task communication, that has a minimal impact on the performance of the system, hides the inter-task communication latency without requiring additional hardware. The solution applies to jobs, represented as task graphs, where the tasks are nested loop programs. Buffers are allocated in scratch-pad memories of the consuming tasks to provide low latency read access. For the nested loop programs, minimal buffer sizes can be determined to cover all possible communication patterns. The added computational complexity is low, as the solution adds only a few operations to the nested loop programs.
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