Model-driven design of context-aware applications


Shishkov, B.B. and Sinderen, M.J. van (2007) Model-driven design of context-aware applications. In: Ninth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, ICEIS 2007, Vol. 3, Information Systems Analysis and Specification, 12-16 June 2007, Funchal, Portugal (pp. pp. 105-113).

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Abstract:In many cases, in order to be effective, software applications need to allow sensitivity to context changes. This implies however additional complexity associated with the need for applications’ adaptability (being capable of capturing context, interpreting it and reacting on it). Hence, we envision 3 ‘musts’ that, in combination, are especially relevant to the design of context-aware applications. Firstly, at the business modeling level, it is considered crucial that the different possible context states can be properly captured and modeled, states that correspond to certain desirable behaviors. Secondly, it must be known what are the dependencies between the two, namely between states and behaviors. And finally, what is valid for application design in general, business needs are to be aligned to application solutions. In this work, we address the mentioned challenges, by approaching the notion of context and extending from this perspective a previously proposed business-software alignment approach. We illustrate our achieved results by means of a small example. It is expected that this research contribution will be useful as an additional result concerning the alignment between business modeling and software design.
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