Building embodied agents that experience and express emotions


Bui, T.D. and Heylen, D.K.J. and Nijholt, A. (2004) Building embodied agents that experience and express emotions. In: Proceedings 17th annual conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA2004), 7-9 July 2004, Geneva, Switzerland (pp. pp. 27-34).

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Abstract:In this paper we presented Obie, an embodied agent that experiences and expresses emotions. Obie has an adaptive, quantitative and domain-independent emotion component which
appraises events to trigger emotions. Obie’s emotions are expressed via his utterances or his facial expressions. The expression via utterances is done by a simple mapping from emotions to text fragments. The mapping from emotions to facial expressions is done by a fuzzy rule-based system. Obie’s utterances and facial expressions are presented in his 3D talking head. In the research described in this paper, Obie was implemented as a football supporter agent. We show how Obie experiences different emotions during a football match. We also indicate how Obie with different personalities experiences emotions differently.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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