Nation branding and sustainable competitiveness of nations


Lee, Kyung Mi (2009) Nation branding and sustainable competitiveness of nations. thesis.

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Abstract:Considering the importance of explaining how a nation brand is effectively
managed and how nation branding aligns the nation's brand with country management
so as to gain competitiveness, this research aims to assess the role of nation branding
and to create a strategic management tool for nation branding to achieve sustainable
competitiveness of nations. Focusing on performance in nation branding, the
dissertation develops a brand management model towards a systematic and strategic
application for nation branding.
Adopting a deductive approach based on a five-step plan for systematic research,
the study proposes the Nation-Branding Mechanism Model as a mechanism-based
process model. To provide empirical evidence a case study methodology is
implemented involving two countries: the Republic of Korea and the Republic of
Ireland. Longitudinally, the research investigates contextual variables of the nation
branding process and their dynamics in branding Korea and Ireland by analyzing the
"Export, Science, Technology and Industry"-brand system of Korea and the "FDI,
Industry, Enterprise and Knowledge"- brand system of Ireland. The study identifies
the nation-specific branding mechanisms within their nation-brand systems and the
similarities and differences in both nation branding processes.
An important finding is that nation branding is a process that must align with
country management to influence the sustainable competitiveness of a nation and that
needs a systematic approach to building a nation brand. The mechanism-based
process structures a set of activities carried out by branding actors. Moreover, nation branding is an ongoing and iterative process to develop a nation-brand system and to
influence a nation's sustainable competitiveness.
This research suggests the ‘Nation-Branding Mechanism Model’ as an effective
model for explaining performance in nation branding. Through its development, this
study contributes to building a body of knowledge concerning the role of nation
branding as a strategic management tool for achieving sustainable competitiveness of
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