Application of orthogonal light scattering for routine screening of lymphocyte samples


Terstappen, L.W.M.M. and Grooth, B.G. de and Berkel, W. van and Napel, C.H.H. ten and Greve, J. (1988) Application of orthogonal light scattering for routine screening of lymphocyte samples. Cytometry Part A, 9 (3). pp. 220-225. ISSN 0196-4763

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Abstract:Orthogonal and forward light-scattering properties of lymphocytes were measured from patients with different lymphocytic diseases in order to determine the potential value of light scattering as a screening device. Monitoring of orthogonal light scattering of lymphocytes of a B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient during splenic irradiation (SI) revealed the selective decrease of malignant cells and the fact that the major part of the residual lymphocytes were cytotoxic lymphocytes. By combining forward and orthogonal light scattering it was shown that lymphocytes from a patient with Tλ
lymphocytosis were abnormal. Orthogonal light scattering also showed an increase in cytotoxic lymphocytes in a patient with mononucleosis infectiosa and in a splenectomized patient.
Orthogonal light scattering of lymphocyte subpopulations showed that the leu8+ population of a patient with mononucleosis infectiosa was bidisperse. For elderly donors the occurrence of CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, and HNK-1+ lymphocytes with a large orthogonal light scattering varied considerably. The CD8+ lymphocytes of these donors consisted mainly of cytotoxic lymphocytes.
These results show that determination of light-scattering properties of lymphocytes may yield important diagnostic information and can indicate when further investigation of the lymphocytes by means of immunofluorescence is necessary.
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