3-D Numerical Simulation of Direct Aluminum Extrusion and Die Deformation


Assaad, W.A. and Geijselaers, H.J.M. and Huetink, J. (2008) 3-D Numerical Simulation of Direct Aluminum Extrusion and Die Deformation. In: ET '08, the Conference for Innovations in Aluminum Extrusion, May 13-16, 2008, Gaylord Palms Orlando, FL, USA .

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Abstract:The design of extrusion dies depends on the experience of the designer. After the die has been manufactured, it is tested during an extrusion process and machined several times until it works properly. Therefore, the die is designed by a trial and error method which is an expensive process. In addition, after several runs the die may deform. This may lead to an unacceptable product. This paper focuses on 3-D simulation of a direct aluminum extrusion process. The behavior of the billet and die is predicted. In the simulation an Eulerian formulation is applied to simulate the flow of the material, rather than an Updated Lagragian formulation with remeshing. Finally, the results will illustrate how the die deforms and whether it deforms elastically or plastically and the influence of die deformation on the extruded product dimensions.
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