A Robust Optimisation Strategy for Metal Forming Processes


Bonte, M.H.A. and Boogaard, A.H. van den and Ravenswaaij, R. van (2007) A Robust Optimisation Strategy for Metal Forming Processes. In: NUMIFORM 2007, International Conference in numerical methods in industrial forming processes, June 17-21, 2007, Porto, Portugal (pp. pp. 493-498).

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Abstract:Robustness, reliability, optimisation and Finite Element simulations are of major importance to improve product
quality and reduce costs in the metal forming industry. In this paper, we propose a robust optimisation strategy for metal
forming processes. The importance of including robustness during optimisation is demonstrated by applying the robust
optimisation strategy to an analytical test function and an industrial hydroforming process, and comparing it to deterministic
optimisation methods. Applying the robust optimisation strategy significantly reduces the scrap rate for both the analytical
test function and the hydroforming process
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