Pre-yield tensile set of a semi-crystalline polymer, its blend and composite


Zuiderduin, W.C.J. and Huetink, J. and Gaymans, R.J. (2007) Pre-yield tensile set of a semi-crystalline polymer, its blend and composite. Journal of Materials Science, 42 (12). pp. 4131-4135. ISSN 0022-2461

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Abstract:Tensile set was studied at low strains on
polypropylene, aliphatic polyketone, rubber toughened
blends and CaCO3 particle toughened composites. The
rubber in the rubber toughened blends had a particle size of
0.7 lm. The CaCO3 particles had a size of 0.7 lm and had
been coated with stearic acid. Step-cyclic loading
was applied in 1% strain incrementals at a strain rate of
10–2 s–1. The maximum strain applied was 20%. The
temperature of the test bar was studied with an infra-red
camera. Pre-yield deformation is normally assumed to take
place in a nonlinear elastic manner. However, for polypropylene
and polyketone elastoplastic deformation starts
at low strains. For PP the onset of tensile set is at very low
strains and increases with strain. The tensile set at the yield
point was only 50% and at the drawing strain 100%.
Polyketone had a similar tensile set development but
shifted to slightly higher strains. Here too the tensile set at
the yield point was about 50% and at the drawing strain
100%. The temperature of the non yielded material was
found to rise in polyketone a 7 C.
The rubber toughened blends had at low strains a higher
tensile set, but after the yield strain the set was similar to
the base polymer. At 5% strain the tensile set increased
with rubber content. The sub micron CaCO3 particle
toughened composites increased the tensile set too. The
tensile set is a simple technique for studying the pre-yield
behaviour of multi phase systems
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