Determination of the yield locus by means of temperature measurement


Banabic, D. and Huetink, J. (2006) Determination of the yield locus by means of temperature measurement. In: ninth ESAFORM conference on Material Forming, April 2006, Glasgow, U.K (pp. pp. 359-362).

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Abstract:The paper presents a theoretical background of the thermo-graphical method of determining the
yield locus. The analytical expression of the temperature variation of the specimen deformed in the elastic
state is determined starting from the first law of thermodynamics. The experimental method for determining
the yield locus based on the Joule-Thompson effect is presented in detail. The analytical model is validated by
experiments. Based on these results, it is theoretically justified that the Joule-Thompson effect can be used in
the experimental determination of the yield locus. The thermo-graphical method has been used to determine
the yield locus of the AA 5182-0 aluminium alloy.
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