Design Equations for Class-E Power Amplifiers


Acar, Mustafa and Annema, Anne-Johan and Nauta, Bram (2006) Design Equations for Class-E Power Amplifiers. In: ProRISC 2006, 17th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 23-24 November 2006, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 6-9).

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Abstract:In literature, it is widely accepted that the design of Class-E Power Amplifier (PA) with finite dc feed inductance requires a long iterative solution procedure. To avoid such iterative solution methods, analytical design equations should be known. The problem associated with the finite dc feed inductance Class-E PA is usually ascribed to the fact that the circuit element values are transcendental functions of the input parameters which is assumed to prevent the derivation of exact or fully analytical design equations. Using a proper analytical method, exact design solutions for Class-E PA with any inductor value can however be derived. A mathematically exact analysis of the idealized Class-E PA with finite dc feed inductance has been done and analytical expressions showing the relation between the circuit elements and the input parameters are found. These analytical expressions have been simplified to obtain explicit, relatively simple design equations. In this paper, we present these relatively simple design equations. Using these design equations, Class-E PA with finite dc feed inductance can be designed without iterative design procedures. The current paper discusses these simplified versions of the exact solution of general Class-E PA with finite dc feed inductance Key Words- Power Amplifier, Class-E.
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