Iterative springback compensation of NUMISHEET benchmark #1


Lingbeek, R.A. and Huetink, J. and Ohnimus, S. and Weiher, J. (2005) Iterative springback compensation of NUMISHEET benchmark #1. In: NUMISHEET 2005, 6th international conference and workshop on numerical simulation of 3D sheet metal forming processes, August 15-19, 2005, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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Abstract:Upon unloading after the forming stage, a sheet metal product will spring back due to internal stresses. Springback
is a major problem for process-planning engineers. In industrial practise, deformations due to springback are compensated
manually, by doing extensive measurements on prototype parts, and altering the tool geometry by hand. This is a time
consuming and costly operation. In this paper the application of two compensation algorithms, based on the finite element
simulation of the forming process are discussed. The smooth displacement adjustment (SDA) method and the springforward
(SF) method have been applied to several industrial products, such as the NUMISHEET 2005 benchmark#1. With the SDA
method successful compensations have been carried out. For the SF method some principal problems remain.
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