Constitutive modelling of Sandvik 1RK91


Datta, K. and Hommes, M. and Post, J. and Geijselaers, H.J.M. and Huetink, H. and Beyer, J. (2003) Constitutive modelling of Sandvik 1RK91. In: VII International conference on computational plasticity, COMPLAS, April 7-10, 2003, Barcelona, Spain.

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Abstract:A physically based constitutive equation is being developed for the maraging
stainless steel Sandvik 1RK91. The steel is used to make precision parts. These parts are formed through multistage forming operations and heat treatments from cold rolled and annealed sheets. The specific alloy is designed to be thermodynamically unstable, so that deformation even at room temperatures can bring about a change in the phase of face centred cubic austenite to either hexagonal closed packed martensite and/or, body centred cubic martensite. This solid state phase change is a function of the strain path, strain, strain rate and temperature. Thus, the fraction of the new phase formed depends on the state of stress at a given location in the part being formed. Therefore a set of experiments is being conducted in order to quantify the stress-strain behavior of this steel under various stress states, strain, strain rate as well as temperature. A magnetic sensor records the fraction of ferromagnetic martensite formed from paramagnetic austenite. A thermocouple as well as an infra red thermometer is used to log the change in temperature of the steel during a mechanical test. The force-displacement data are converted to stress-strain data after correcting for the changes in strain rate and temperature. These data are then cast into a general form of constitutive equation and the transformation equations are derived from Olson-Cohen type functions.
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