A mixed elastoplastic / rigid plastic material model


Meinders, T. and Boogaard, A.H. van den and Huetink, J. (1999) A mixed elastoplastic / rigid plastic material model. In: Numisheet conference, 1999.

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Abstract:A new integration algorithm for plastic deformation is derived in combination with the
anisotropic Hill’49 yield criterion. The algorithm degenerates to the Euler forward elastoplastic material
model for small deformations and to the rigid plastic material model for large strain increments. The new
model benefits from the advantages of both the elastoplastic and rigid plastic material models: accuracy and
fast convergence over a large range of strain increments. The performance of the new algorithm is tested by a
deep drawing simulation of a rectangular product. It can be concluded that the new algorithm performs well:
the plastic thickness strain distribution of the mixed model inclines towards the elastoplastic material model
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Engineering Technology (CTW)
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