Simulation of the deep drawing process: a hierarchical method


Meinders, T. and Carleer, B.D. and Huetink, J. (1998) Simulation of the deep drawing process: a hierarchical method. In: ESAFORM conference on Material Forming, March 17-20, 1998, Sophia-Antipolis, France.

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Abstract:The finite element method becomes widely accepted to be a simulation tool for the deep drawing process. A necessary condition to generate accurate simulation results is a correct use of the numerical algorithms that are used in the finite element method.
This paper concentrates on a hierarchical approach to perform an accurate simulation of a specific deep drawing product, i.e. the S-Rail. The necessary numerical algorithms for this simulation are investigated with the strip model. The results of this investigation are applied in the simulation of the complete S-Rail. Finally the simulation results are compared with experiments, leading to the conclusion that in a relatively short time an accurate simulation can be performed which shows a good agreement with the experimental results.
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