Blanking by means of the finite element method


Moesdijk, R.D. van de and Wisselink, H.H. and Boogaard, A.H. van den and Huetink, J. and Bolt, P.J. and Sillekens, W.H. (1998) Blanking by means of the finite element method. In: IACM Conference, 1998.

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Abstract:This paper summarizes the results of simulating the blanking process by means
of the Finite Element Method. Unlike most of the research in this eld, the focus is not on the blanking process itself but on the deformed shape of a product after blanking. Two ways of determining the shape of a product after blanking are investigated. One way is to calculate the internal stresses caused by the blanking process and relax these stresses to calculate the new shape. The internal stresses can be transfered into an equivalent load model that can characterize the blanking process. With this equivalent load model the deformed shape of a product after blanking can be determined in a very fast and easy way.
Experiments are done to verify the results. Both introduced methods give qualitatively good results. Also some suggestions for improvements are made.
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