Simulation of stationary sheet metal cutting processes


Wisselink, H.H. and Huetink, J. (1998) Simulation of stationary sheet metal cutting processes. In: International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes, NUMIFORM, 22-25 June 1998, Enschede.

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Abstract:In stationary sheet metal cutting processes, like guillotining and slitting, the sheet is cut
progressively from one end to the other. This in contrary with transient processes (blanking) where
the sheet is cut at once. Where transient shearing processes can be modelled in 2-D (plain strain or
axisymm.), stationary shearing processes have to be modelled in 3-D. For the calculation of the steady
state of the guillotining process a 3-D finite element model is developed. Also plane strain shearing
simulations are performed. The Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method is used for all simulations. The
results of both cases are presented and compared with each other
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