An organizational change approach for enterprise system implementations


Katsma, Christiaan Pablo (2008) An organizational change approach for enterprise system implementations. thesis.

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Abstract:Enterprise Information Systems or just Enterprise Systems (ES) have become
increasingly popular since the last decade of the previous century. Many organizations
have deployed an ES implementation and the current adoption rate of these systems is
still rising. The implementation of an ES, especially when driven by a BPR rationale, has
a large impact on the adopting organization. Extensive research has shown that the
resulting organizational change process requires profound support, which most
implementations currently lack, causing a substantial number of implementation
failures. A literature overview in chapter 1 focuses on the diverse contributions dealing
with this organizational change problem in the domain of ES implementations. The ES
implementation process is researched from various perspectives, which leads to
fragmented knowledge and mostly explorative or descriptive research results.
Prescriptive research is carried out less often. This kind of research leads to conceptual
change frameworks or guidelines. On the other hand, consistent creation of a
profound and applicable ES specific change approach is lacking. This dissertation
focuses on this omission and designs an organizational change approach, which it will
then deploy in a longitudinal case study.
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