Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Horn Loudspeakers


Schurer, Hans and Berkhoff, Arthur P. and Slump, Cornelis H. and Herrmann, Otto E. (1994) Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Horn Loudspeakers. AES Convention (96).

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Abstract:Horn loaded compression drivers are widely used in the area where high sound pressure levels together with good directivity characteristics are needed. Major disadvantage of this kind of drivers is the considerable amount of nonlinear distortion. Due to the quite high air pressures in the driver the air is driven into its nonlinear range. This paper describes a technique to reduce the distortion caused by this phenomenon. Using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a feedforward compensation technique, based on an equivalent lumped parameter circuit, is implemented and tested in real–time in series with the loudspeaker. Measurement and simulation results are given. The overall conclusion is that a distortion reduction is obtained in the frequency span from 600 to 1050 Hz.
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