Experimental validation of the interaction between combustion and structural vibration


Huls, Rob and Boer, André de and Kok, Jim and Hoogt, Peter van der (2005) Experimental validation of the interaction between combustion and structural vibration. In: Twelfth International Congress on Sound and Vibration, ICSV, July 11-14, 2005, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Abstract:To decrease NOx emissions from combustion systems, lean premixed combustion is used. A disadvantage is the increase in sound pressure levels in the combustor, resulting in an increased excitation of the surrounding structure: the liner. This causes fatigue, which limits the life time of the combustor. To study this problem experimentally, a test setup has been built consisting of a single burner, 500kW, 5 bar combustion system. The thin structure (liner) is contained in a thick pressure vessel with optical access for a traversing laser vibrometer system to measure the vibration levels and mode shapes of the liner. The acoustic excitation of the liner is measured using pressure sensors measuring the acoustic pressures inside the combustion chamber and in the cooling passage between the liner and the pressure vessel. To validate models, measurements were performed in steps of increasing complexity. Firstly, the structural properties, obtained by modal analysis of the liner outside the pressure vessel, have been compared with a finite element model. Subsequently, results of an acoustic finite element model of the setup have been compared to acoustic measurements on the test rig to validate the acoustic properties of the model, which are made by mounting a well defined acoustic source to the rig. Finally, measured pressures and vibration levels in the presence of combustion are shown.
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