Value orientation, left-right placement and voting


Deth, Jan W. van and Geurts, Peter A.T.M. (1989) Value orientation, left-right placement and voting. European Journal of Political Research, 17 (1). pp. 17-34. ISSN 0304-4130

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Abstract:In this article we try to disentangle the constraints between traditional lines of political polarization (left-right placement) and newer distinctions (materialist/postmaterialist values) among mass publics. It is shown that voting or party preference is most clearly related to the left-right placement of the respondents. However, this placement is directly and strongly dependent on the materialist/postmaterialist orientation, while background variables like education, income and age are linked to voting via this value orientation. The materialist/postmaterialist orientation appears to be the present-day interpretation of the dominant political conflict in advanced industrial society. Although alignments and orientations count for a substantive part of the variance in voting, the power of these models to predict the actual vote of people turns out to be rather poor.
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