Finite element simulations of laminated composite forming processes


Thije, René Hermanus Willem ten (2007) Finite element simulations of laminated composite forming processes. thesis.

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Abstract:Continuous Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) combine strength and stiffness of fibres with the design flexibility of polymeric matrix materials.
Fast production methods like thermo-folding, diaphragm forming or stamping can produce large numbers of CFRP components in a cost efficient way.
Pre-consolidated laminates are heated above their melting temperature and subsequently re-shaped. These forming processes can introduce unacceptable shape distortions such as springback, wrinkling or tearing.
The objective of this research is the development of a design tool for high precision CFRP components made from multi-layer laminates. Optimisation of the CFRP design and the forming process reduces costly trial-and-error
procedures and can significantly shorten the time-to-market. This requires a predictive model that is robust, accurate and fast. Such an all-encompassing procedure is not readily available.
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