3D character centred online editing modalities for VRML-based virtual environments


Kiss, Szilárd (2003) 3D character centred online editing modalities for VRML-based virtual environments. thesis.

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Abstract:The subject of this thesis belongs to the area of computer graphics, particularly, to the domain of graphics modelling. This thesis presents experiments in
graphics modelling, namely in the application of graphics modelling principles to virtual reality (VR), with an interaction approach that is typical to VR systems.
Our approach takes advantage of novel graphics primitives that take the form of sets of vertices, of non-standard approaches to interface construction with the use of controls integrated into the 3D environment and also of the
advantages that the widget technologies are offering. A number of information visualisation, interaction and manipulation options have been adapted to our case, to provide a 3D character editing virtual environment that is easy to use, aimed at novice users and beyond. The resulting system is an implementation based on the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML), which means we are using a visualisation tool that is at the same time the target environment for the resulting 3D characters. This leaves room for experimentations in 3D visualisation and interaction techniques, a field that currently lacks in widely accepted standards, specifications or recommendations.
Item Type:Thesis
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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