Implementation of a Combined OFDM-Demodulation and WCDMA-Equalization Module


Kampen, David van and Hofstra, Klaas L. and Potman, Jordy and Gerez, Sabih H. (2006) Implementation of a Combined OFDM-Demodulation and WCDMA-Equalization Module. In: ProRISC 2006, 17th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 23-24 November 2006, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 277-285).

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Abstract:For a dual-mode baseband receiver for the OFDMWireless LAN andWCDMA standards, integration of the demodulation and equalization tasks on a dedicated hardware module has been investigated. For OFDM demodulation, an FFT algorithm based on cascaded twiddle factor decomposition has been selected. This type of algorithm combines high spatial and temporal regularity in the FFT data-flow graphs with a minimal number of computations. A frequency-domain algorithm based on a circulant channel approximation has been selected for WCDMA equalization. It has good performance, low hardware complexity and a low number of computations. Its main advantage is the reuse of the FFT kernel, which contributes to the integration of both tasks. The demodulation and equalization module has been described at the register transfer level with the in-house developed Arx language. The core of the module is a pipelined radix-23 butterfly combined with a complex multiplier and complex divider. The module has an area of 0.447 mm2 in 0.18 ¿m technology and a power consumption of 10.6 mW. The proposed module compares favorably with solutions reported in literature.
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