Co-Simulation of Networked Embedded Control Systems, a CSP-like Process-oriented Approach


Berge, M.H. ten and Orlic, B. and Broenink, J.F. (2006) Co-Simulation of Networked Embedded Control Systems, a CSP-like Process-oriented Approach. In: IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control, 2006 (pp. pp. 434-439).

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Abstract:Complex control software problems can be solved by using structured design methods that take advantage of hardware abstraction and concurrency. In our lab, a toolchain has been developed that facilitates such a design method. This paper presents two extensions to this toolchain. The first, a distributed simulation framework, enables one to simulate a complete distributed control system, prior to the actual implementation. Focus has been on the influence the network communication exerts on the overall behavior of the system. The second extension, a new communication framework, allows for a smooth transition from simulation to a real control system, by hiding all low-level communication details from the control software. This separates the concerns of the control software from distribution and inter-node communication issues, creating freedom in process allocation.
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