Efficiency of local search


Brueggemann, Tobias (2006) Efficiency of local search. thesis.

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Abstract:Local search heuristics are an important class of algorithms for obtaining good solutions for hard combinatorial optimization problems. Important issues for these heuristics are solution quality and the time needed to obtain a good solution. Roughly speaking, a local search heuristic starts with an initial solution, e.g.
obtained with the help of a constructive heuristic. The local search heuristic then iteratively explores a neighborhood of the current solution and chooses a new solution out of this neighborhood to become the next current solution. Often, only new solutions are considered, which improve on the current one. The local search heuristic halts if some stopping criterion is met, e.g. there
exists no better solution in the neighborhood.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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