Routing in wireless multimedia home networks


Scholten, Hans and Jansen, Pierre and Hop, Laurens (2004) Routing in wireless multimedia home networks. [Report]

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Abstract:This paper describes an adapted version of the destination sequenced distance vector routing protocol (DSDV) which is suitable to calculate routes in a wireless ¿real-time¿ home network. The home network is based on a IEEE 802.11b ad hoc network and uses a scheduled token to enforce real-time behaviour to support multimedia streams. The multimedia network protocol works for both single-hop and multi-hop networks, however in the latter case special measures have to be taken to forward streams from node to node and to find routes. Existing routing protocols exhibit non-deterministic behaviour which may interfere with the correct streaming of multimedia. The proposed routing protocol does not rely on flooding, instead it piggy-backs the real-time token and behaves in a predictable manner. Simulation of the routing protocol shows that routes in the network are found in finite time.
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