Joystick controller for JIWY


Lammertink, Tijs (2003) Joystick controller for JIWY. [Report]

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Abstract:JIWY is a mechatronic device with two rotational degrees of freedom, with a camera as its `end effector¿. JIWY can be controlled with a joystick. Each joint is steered by a joystick axis. The x-axis and the y-axis control the horizontal joint respectively the vertical joint. A model of the total system has been realized and simulated in 20-sim. C++ code is generated from the different controllers according to a new template. The code makes use of the CTC++ (Communicating Threads for C++) library, based on CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes). The code can be compiled for all sorts of platforms. The intention was to use a Real-Time Linux PC, but at the moment a MS-DOS PC is used, since Real-Time Linux encounters a problem.
A position controller and a velocity controller were made to control the position respectively the velocity of JIWY with the position of the joystick. The velocity controller seemed not very useful because of the end-stops of JIWY. However, for alignment of JIWY the velocity controller turned out to be very useful. The end-stops will be hit with a constant low speed.
Alignment is necessary, because the incremental encoders (measuring the position of JIWY) only measure relative displacement and cannot measure absolute displacement. The position controller is also used to home JIWY i.e. it returns to its alignment position when the controller terminates.
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