The Mirror Oscilloscpoe


Goudriaan, B. (2003) The Mirror Oscilloscpoe. [Report]

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Abstract:This project is about designing and realizing an oscilloscope based on a laser beam reflected by two mirrors.
The ¿Mirror Oscilloscope¿ uses two voice-coils actuators with mounted mirrors to reflect laser light, such that an image of a harmonic signal is projected on a projection screen. For tracking of the input signal an encoder is chosen as a position feedback sensor. Using a 20sim model, 20sim¿s code-generation tool and the AD VisualDSP++ environment, an uploadable program is made, interpreting both the input from the encoder and from the function-generator and using them in a servo system for tracking the input signal.
The results that have been obtained and effects that have been observed are as follows:
¿ For the ¿Mirror Oscilloscope¿ the accuracy obtained with the chosen encoder is sufficient.
¿ Certain modeling issues were not satisfactory solved. This, as well as the time limitations have resulted in a control system that works, however which could have been set up better.
¿ Implementation based on two Analog Devices processors ADSP 21992, was successful.
¿ Light output of a laser-pointer (1mW) is not sufficient for this application.
There is some freedom left within the power supply to increase the accuracy by usage of an efficient transmission. Add a better servo system as well, and a wider choice in input signals can be tracked. Use of a 5mW laser with required safety shielding can improve the projection¿s sharpness.
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