JIWY with a camera


Ros, Martin (2004) JIWY with a camera. [Report]

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Abstract:This report discusses the results of a project carried out to improve existing JIWYnet software: A set of programs to send images from a camera mounted on JIWY (a robot) over a network to another computer and to control the camera position by clicking on the image at the client side. Main points for improvement were: configurability and flexibility, the possibility to handle multiple clients and the speed of the system (frame rate).
To achieve this, the server software was completely redesigned. The design of the client software remained the same, but some changes were required. The results were pretty good. For configurability the server uses a configuration file, in which all necessary parameters can be set. Clients can connect from any computer and at the client side it is possible to select the server to connect to. To improve the speed of the system and lower the bandwidth usage, images from the webcam are compressed using the JPEG algorithm. Frame rates up to 30 fps are now possible at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The system is also usable on slower connections, because at the lowest resolution less than 100 kB/s of bandwidth is needed.
To improve the system some sort of security system could be added to control which clients can control the position of the camera. Now each client can do that. The system could be further extended by adding an object recognition system. This way it should be possible to follow moving objects or persons automatically.
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