A distributed file service based on optimistic concurrency control


Mullender, Sape J. and Tanenbaum, Andrew S. (1985) A distributed file service based on optimistic concurrency control. In: Tenth ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles, SOSP, 1-4 December 1985, Washington, USA (pp. pp. 51-62).

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Abstract:The design of a layered file service for the Amoeba Distributed System is discussed, on top of which various applications can easily be intplemented. The bottom layer is formed by the Amoeba Block Services, responsible for implementing stable storage and repficated, highly available disk blocks. The next layer is formed by the Amoeba File Service which provides version management and concurrency control for tree-structured files. On top of this layer, the appficafions, ranging from databases to source code control systems, determine the structure of the file trees and provide an interface to the users.
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