Introduction to distributed systems


Mullender, S.J. (1992) Introduction to distributed systems. In: CERN School of Computing, L'Aquila, Italy (pp. pp. 29-46).

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Abstract:The first four decades of computer technology are each characterized by a different approach to the way computers were used. In the 1950s, programmers would reserve time on the computer and have the computer all to themselves while they were using it. In the 1960s, batch processing carne about. People would submit their jobs which were queued for processing. They would be run one at a time and the owners would pick up their output later. Time-shanng became the way people used computers in the 1970s so that users could share a computer under the illusion that they had it to themselves. The 1980s are the decade of personal computing: people have their own dedicated machine on their desks.
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