Quality of service in distributed multimedia systems


Mullender, S.J. and Sijben, P. (1996) Quality of service in distributed multimedia systems. In: Trends in Distributed Systems CORBA and Beyond: International Workshop TreDS 1996 Aachen, Germany (pp. pp. 1-13).

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Abstract:The Unix operating system made a vital contribution to information technology by introducing the notion of composing complicated applications out of simple ones by means of pipes and shell scripts. One day, this will also be possible with multimedia applications. Before this can happen, however, operating systems must support multimedia in as general a way as Unix now supports ordinary applications. Particularly, attention must be paid to allowing the operating-system service to degrade gracefully under heavy loads.
This paper presents the Quality-of-Service architecture of the Huygens project. This architecture provides the mechanisms that allow applications to adapt the level of their service to the resources the operating system can make available.
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