Simulating Wde-area Replication


Mullender, Sape J. and Valk, Martijn van der (1996) Simulating Wde-area Replication. In: 7th Workshop on ACM SIGOPS European workshop: Systems support for worldwide applications, Connemara, Ireland, 8-11 September 1996, Connemara, Ireland (pp. pp. 267-274).

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Abstract:We describe our experiences with simulating replication algorithms for use in far flung distributed systems. The algorithms under scrutiny mimic epidemics. Epidemic algorithms seem to scale and adapt to change (such as varying replica sets) well. The loose consistency guarantees they make seem more useful in applications where availability strongly outweighs correctness; e.g., distributed name service.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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