A New Large Scale Distributed System: Object Distribution


Muthukrishnan, Kavitha and Meratnia, Nirvana and Koprinkov, George and Lijding, Maria Eva and Havinga, Paul J.M. (1997) A New Large Scale Distributed System: Object Distribution. In: 13th International Conference on Computer Communications, ICCC 1997, November 19-21, 1997, Cannes, France.

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Abstract:We introduce in this work Object Distribution System, a distributed system based on distribution models used in everyday life (e.g. food distribution chains, newspapers, etc.). This system is designed to scale correctly in a wide area network, using weak consistency replication mechanisms. It is formed by two independent virtual networks on top of Internet, one for replicating objects and the other one to build distribution chains to be used by the first network. As in Internet some sites often become inaccessible due to latency, partitions and flashcrowd, objects in our system are accessed locally and updated off-line. It also provides methods for the classification of objects. This allows selective distribution, and provides order in the chaos that reigns nowadays in Internet. Distribution chains are build dynamically to provide end users with the objects they want to consume, while making good use of available resources.
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