Semantics of Input-Consuming Logic Programs


Bossi, Annalisa and Etalle, Sandro and Rossi, Sabina (2000) Semantics of Input-Consuming Logic Programs. In: First International Conference on Computational Logic, CL 2000, July 24-28, 2000, London, UK (pp. pp. 194-208).

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Abstract:Input-consuming programs are logic programs with an additional restriction on the selectability (actually, on the resolvability) of atoms. this class of programs arguably allows to model logic programs employing a dynamic selection rule and constructs such as delay declarations: as shown also in [5], a large number of them are actually input-consuming.
in this paper we show that - under some syntactic restrictions - the tex2html_wrap_inline117-semantics of a program is correct and fully abstract also for input-consuming programs. this allows us to conclude that for a large class of programs employing delay declarations there exists a model-theoretic semantics which is equivalent to the operational one.
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