Simulation And Implementation Of Clock Synchronisation In Transputer Networks


Vervoort, W.A. (1992) Simulation And Implementation Of Clock Synchronisation In Transputer Networks. In: Fourth Euromicro workshop on Real-Time Systems, 1992 (pp. pp. 33-37).

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Abstract:A Clock synchronisation algorithm based on the exchange of timestamped messages, with unpredictable delays, between neighbours in a transputer network is presented in [ I ] . This algorithm creates and maintains a global time reference, to be used in hard real-time applications, for all nodes of a transputer network of any topology. This global timebase is obtained by periodic filtered correction of thevalue and rate of each local clock of a node, based on the timestamps received from its neighbours. The optimal
values for the two parameters a and p of this filter were still unknown. Simulations in [2] have shown that although a save choice can be made in any case, an optimal choice depends on the topology of the network. The algorithm has been implemented and measurements
have been pelformed on a transputer network ring of three nodes at the University Twente. It turned out that the optimal choice for a and p, found by simulation, worked well in the implementation.
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