Mössbauer scattering from a supercooled liquid


Soltwisch, M. and Elwenspoek, M. and Quitmann, D. (1977) Mössbauer scattering from a supercooled liquid. In: Workshop on New Directions in Mössbauer Spectroscopy, June 1977, Argonne, IL, USA (pp. pp. 114-117).

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Abstract:By a coherent Mössbauer-scattering experiment, the dynamical structure factor S(k,omega) was determined for pure liquid glycerol. As a function of temperature (¿30°C?T?0°C) and momentum transfer (0.7Å¿1?k?4Å¿1) the width and intensity of the quasielastic line and the intensity of the inelastic line were measured. From the ratios of the intensities the mean-square vibrational amplitude of the molecules was derived while from the linewidth of the quasielastic part we extracted translational and rotational diffusion parameters.
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