Statistics on storage management in a lazy functional language implementation


Wild, John and Glaser, Hugh and Hartel, Pieter (1991) Statistics on storage management in a lazy functional language implementation. In: 3rd Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing (WP&DP'91), 16-19 April, 1991, Sofia, Bulgaria (pp. pp. 73-87).

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Abstract:The aim of the FAST project is to provide an implementation of a lazy functional language on a transputer array. An important component of this system is a highly optimising compiler and runtime system for a single transputer. Efficient storage management is crucial in such an implementation, and this paper explores the demands placed on the storage manager by our compiled code. Statistics are presented illustrating the lifetime characteristics of cells, a break down of claimed cells by type, and other information which is of interest to the designer of a storage management system. We conclude that most cells are short lived, and that cell turnover is quite high. In addition, application cells are found to die much younger than cells of other types. We also examine the effect of vector apply cells on suspension forming activities. Finally we explore the possibility of using contextual information when predicting the lifetime of application and vector application cells, and suggest ways of using this information in an effective storage management policy.
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