FCG: a code generator for lazy functional languages


Langendoen, K.G. and Hartel, P.H. (1992) FCG: a code generator for lazy functional languages. In: Compiler construction (CC), Paderborn, Germany. pp. 278-296. Springer-Verlag LNCS 641 (pp. pp. 278-296).

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Abstract:The FCG code generator produces portable code that supports efficient twospace copying garbage collection. The code generator transforms the output of the FAST compiler front end into an abstract machine code. This code explicitly uses a call stack, which is accessible to the garbage collector. In contrast to other functional language compilers that generate assembly directly, FCG uses the C compiler for code generation, providing high-quality code optimisations and portability. To make full use of the C compiler's capabilities, FCG includes an optimisation scheme that transforms the naively generated stack-based code into a register-based equivalent form. The results for a benchmark of functional programs show that code generated by FCG performs well in comparison with the LML compiler.
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