FAST compiler user's guide


Hartel, Pieter and Glaser, Hugh and Wild, John (1993) FAST compiler user's guide. In: FAST: Functional Programming for Arrays of Transputers (pp. pp. 247-264).

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Abstract:The FAST compiler is a backend for compilers of lazy functional languages. There are two versions of the compiler: one that takes a rather simple lazy functional language as input and a second that accepts a language similar to Miranda. On output the compiler produces a set of macro calls that are normally turned into a C program by one of the code generators that have been developed for FAST. Such a C program must be compiled by a C compiler and linked with the appropriate runtime library to.
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Additional information:CSTR 93-15, Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK and DOC 93/47, Dept. of Computation, Imperial College, London, UK
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