Structuring and Visualising an IC-card Security Standard


Glaser, Hugh and Hartel, Pieter H. and Jong, Eduard K. de (1996) Structuring and Visualising an IC-card Security Standard. In: Second International Conference on Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications, CARDIS, September 16-18, 1996, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 89-110).

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Abstract:The standard way of visualising protocols using pictures with boxes
and arrows is insufficient to study the protocols in detail. The
problem is that the structuring of the protocols relies on elements
not explicit in the usual visual rendering. To solve the problem one
should visualise not only the operations and the messages but also
the state and the security. This paper presents a system which can be
used to visualise a protocol, and is applied to some of the protocols
in the load purse transaction of the CEN Inter-sector electronic
purse draft standard as an example. The resulting conformant
prototype provides abstract and concrete views on the system at all
significant levels. The prototype supports animation of the standard,
giving the protocol designer feedback on design decisions.
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