Heat transfer in a membrane assisted fluidized bed with immersed horizontal tubes


Deshmukh, Salim A.R.K. and Volkers, Sander and Sint Annaland, Martin van and Kuipers, Hans (2005) Heat transfer in a membrane assisted fluidized bed with immersed horizontal tubes. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, 3 (A1). ISSN 1542-6580

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Abstract:The effect of gas permeation through horizontally immersed membrane tubes on the heat transfer characteristics in a membrane assisted fluidized bed operated in the bubbling fluidization regime was investigated experimentally. Local time-averaged heat transfer coefficients from copper tubes arranged in a staggered formation with the membrane tubes to the fluidized bed were measured in a square bed (0.15 m x 0.15 m x 0.95 m). Glass particles (75-110 micrometer) were fluidized with air distributed via a porous plate, where the ratio of gas fed or removed through the membrane bundles and the porous plate distributor was varied. The experimental results revealed that high gas permeation rates through the membranes strongly decreased the heat transfer coefficient at high superficial gas velocities for tubes at the top of the tube bundle, which was attributed to the reduced mobility and increased bubble hold up and/or dilution of the emulsion phase, reducing overall heat capacity.

In the design of membrane assisted fluidized beds care must be taken to include the effect of gas addition or withdrawal through the membranes on the required heat transfer surface area.
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