Variations in roughness predictions (flume experiments)


Noordam, D. and Blom, A. and Klis, H. van der and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2005) Variations in roughness predictions (flume experiments). In: NCR-days 2004: Research for managing rivers; present and future issues, November 4-6, 2004, Wageningen, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 104-105).

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Abstract:Data of flume experiments with bed forms are used to analyze and compare different roughness predictors. In this study, the hydraulic roughness consists of grain roughness and form roughness. We predict the grain roughness by means of the size of the sediment. The form roughness is predicted by three approaches: Van Rijn (1984), Vanoni & Hwang (1967) and Engelund (1966). The total roughness values (friction factors) are compared with the roughness values according to the DarcyWeisbach equation. Results show that the different methods predict different friction factors. In future research uncertainties in the hydraulic roughness will be taken into account to determine their influence on the computed water levels.
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