Declarative Aspect Composition


Nagy, István and Bergmans, Lodewijk and Aksit, Mehmet (2004) Declarative Aspect Composition. In: Software-engineering Properties of Languages for Aspect Technologies, SPLAT!, March 22-26 2004, Lancaster UK.

Abstract:Aspect-oriented languages provide means to attach certain program units (e.g. advice, filters) to a given set of join points. It is possible that not just a single , but several units need to execute at the same join point. Aspects that specify the insertion of these units are said to "share" the same join point. Such shared join points may give rise to several issues, such as determining the exact execution order and the dependencies among the aspects. In this position paper, we outline a declarative approach that addresses this problem. We evaluate it with respect to several software engineering properties, in particular comprehensibility, predictability and evolvability.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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