UML to XML-Schema Transformation: a Case Study in Managing Alternative Model Transformations in MDA


Kurtev, Ivan and Berg, Klaas van den and Aksit, Mehmet (2003) UML to XML-Schema Transformation: a Case Study in Managing Alternative Model Transformations in MDA. In: Forum on Specification and Design Languages, FDL 2003, September 23-26, 2003, Frankfurt, Germany.

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Abstract:In a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) software development process, models are
repeatedly transformed to other models in order to finally achieve a set of models with enough details to implement a system. Generally, there are multiple ways to transform one model into another model. Alternative target models differ in their quality properties and the selection of a particular model is determined on the basis of specific requirements. Software engineers must be able to identify, compare and select the appropriate transformations within the given set of requirements. The current transformation languages used for describing and executing model transformations only provide means to specify the transformations but do not help to identify and select from the alternative transformations. In this paper we propose a process and a set of techniques for constructing a transformation space for a given transformation problem. The process uses a source model, its meta-model and the meta-model of the target as input and generates a transformation space. Every element in that space represents a transformation that produces a result that is an instance of the target meta-model. The requirements that must be fulfilled by the result are captured and represented in a quality model. We explain our approach using an illustrative example for transforming a platform independent model expressed in UML into platform specific models that represent XML schemas. A particular quality model of extensibility is presented in the paper.
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