Performance Evaluation of a Combined HiperLAN/2-Bluetooth Digital Front-end


Mourik, Lars van and Schiphorst, Roel and Hoeksema, Fokke and Slump, Kees (2002) Performance Evaluation of a Combined HiperLAN/2-Bluetooth Digital Front-end. In: ProRISC workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 2002, 27-29 november 2002, Veldhoven, Netherlands (pp. pp. 357-366).

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Abstract:In our Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) project we aim to combine two receivers (HiperLAN/2 and Bluetooth) on one common platform. In this paper, the main focus is on one of the performance bottlenecks of such a receiver, namely the bandpass filter section in Bluetooth mode. Contributions of inter-symbol interference ISI, adjacent channel interference ACI and noise on the total bit error rate BER are analyzed. The influence of the channel selection filter characteristics on these contributions are researched. Larger values for (for instance) transition bandwidth result in lower order filters that reduce the computational load, which is an important design consideration. This also reduces bit errors caused by ISI,
one of the two major contributors to the total BER. On the other hand, lower order filters increase the BER due to ACI. Optimal filter parameters are derived from these trade-offs and applied the system which will be presented.
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