A Three-Level Process Framework for Contract-Based Dynamic Service Outsourcing


Grefen, P.W.P.J. and Angelov, S.A. (2001) A Three-Level Process Framework for Contract-Based Dynamic Service Outsourcing. In: 2nd International Colloquium on Petri Net Technologies for Modelling Communication (pp. pp. 123-128).

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Abstract:Service outsourcing is the business paradigm, in which an organization has part of its business process performed by a service provider. In dynamic markets, service providers are selected on the fly during process enactment. The cooperation between the parties is
specified in a dynamically made electronic contract. This contract includes a process specification that is tailored towards service matchmaking and crossorganizational process enactment and hence has to conform to specific market and specification standards. Process enactment, however, relies on intraorganizational process specifications that have to comply with the infrastructure available in an organization. In this position paper, we present a three-level process specification framework for dynamic contract-based
service outsourcing. This framework relates the two process specification levels through a third, conceptual level. This approached is inspired by the well-known ANSI-SPARC model for data management. We show how the framework can be placed in the context of infrastructures for cross-organizational process support.
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