Tracking Control of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems


Lefeber, Adriaan Arie Johannes (2000) Tracking Control of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems. thesis.

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Abstract:The subject of this thesis is the design of tracking controllers for certain classes of mechanical systems. The thesis consists of two parts. In the first part an accurate mathematical model of the mechanical system under consideration is assumed to be given. The goal is to follow a certain specified trajectory. Therefore, a feasible reference trajectory is assumed to be given i.e., a trajectory that can be realized for the system under consideration. The tracking error at each time is defined as the difference between where the system is and where it should be. The problem now is to design a controller for the system which is such that the tracking error converges to zero, no matter where the system is initialized nor at which time-instant. A new design methodology is presented, based on the theory of cascaded systems, i.e., systems that can be seen as a special interconnection of two stable subsystems. This new approach is applied to three different models.
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