The optimisation of the Multi-Atmospheric Ar:Xe Laser


Gielkens, Serge William Agnew (1998) The optimisation of the Multi-Atmospheric Ar:Xe Laser. thesis.

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Abstract:In 1960 the first successful demonstration of laser operation was achieved by Maiman in ruby [1], which is an example of a solid-state laser. Since then numerous other types of lasers have been constructed, like gas lasers, semiconductor lasers, dye lasers, chemical lasers and free-electron lasers (FELs). Each type possesses some unique characteristics, which make it particularly suitable for certain applications that cannot be realised by other lasers. The same holds for gas lasers and in this respect research and development is still continuing. Within the large group of gas lasers the atomic xenon laser, which is the subject of this thesis, will be highlighted.
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